Event Comments

I hope you have all still got great big smiles on your faces as you have achieved no mean feat this weekend. You managed to get more people out and about, talking, laughing and generally enjoying themselves in Bothwell than I think I have ever seen….and you managed to do this on a rainy, blustery afternoon! This could even have a place in the record books!
Very many thanks to all of you involved in the fabulous Scarecrow Festival.
We were truly amazed at the diversity of entertainments on offer over the weekend and, of course, at the terrific camaraderie engendered throughout the village as everyone admired and discussed all the scarecrows.
I thank you so much for your energy, enthusiasm and organisation without which this would never have happened. Our kids have been wildly excited, mums and dads have really rolled up their sleeves and spent great family time together on scarecrow building and spotting exhibitions, local businesses have had people actively engaging with their outlets (and peering in their windows to find scarecrows), the schools have all united and the local organisations and institutions have had a platform to communicate to the residents….all in all your idea was inspired and wonderful!!
Re. this morning’s cycle ride, there was a good turn-out considering the weather forecast. In fact the whole day was fantastic. I am amazed how the scarecrow theme has taken off in its first year.  If the event is organised again next year I’m sure it’ll be an even bigger success.
We had fun and we hope it has achieved the goals that you had as you envisaged this crazy weekend. If there is a year 2, you can count us in right away and if you need help in making year 2 happen – give us a shout – we will be there to help, support and badger!!
….. thank you so much for encouraging me to get involved in this madness. I’ve had a wonderful time, a little…no a BIG bit scary at times…. but wonderful none the less! I’ve met some truly inspiring people, had fantastic fun and learned so much.
I don’t think I’ve seen so many smiling faces since the first scarecrows went on display, it’s a marvellous sight to behold; and the whole village is filled with a new enthusiasm and real sense of fun. Can the next one last the whole year?!
On behalf of my wife and I, can I ask that you convey our sincere THANKS to all involved in the past weekend. I have no doubt that you all had one or two missed heart beats, but as someone who has lived in the heart (pardon the pun) of the village for 26 years, it was a complete pleasure to see the Main St so busy on Saturday and Sunday.
I managed to photograph about 80 scarecrows (Only a portion of all made) – Your open Parish Church, The Chapterhouse, The Community Centre and E/Church  all seemed well attended, and as for your Rock Choir. …A great night’s entertainment, even if I did find very quickly that I was not a Soprano!
The Main Street on Sunday started getting busy 45 mins before parade, even though the weather was not kind. All we can say, as boring, non active villagers, is  WELL DONE TO YOU ALL
Not even the tail end of Hurricane Katia put a damper on the successful outcome.
The community spirit in Bothwell has been lifted beyond our wildest dreams.
It has been very hard work, but we seem to be succeeding in what we aimed to do – to bring our vibrant community together and make people smile!
I have two young children and think the scarecrow festival is wonderful. Everyone in the community is so excited about it. A fantastic idea that will have a lasting impact on the village.
Well done to everyone who took part in the Scarecrow Festival. I’ve done so many things this weekend I’m shattered…but still smiling!
Our two girls had a fabulous time at the Scarecrow Festival. They particularly liked dressing up for the parade, and eagerly spotting more new scarecrows on the way to school.