In the autumn of 2010, Brighter Bothwell, a local organisation committed to enhancing and improving the environment, took the initiative to support a new idea designed to extend and develop the feeling of community in Bothwell.

The new initiative was to organise a scarecrow festival, inspired by a number of wonderful festivals already held in villages across the UK.

A new group was formed to set up a Community Scarecrow Festival with an agreed purpose: to promote community spirit among residents, community groups and businesses; to improve well being; and to support the local economy.

This organisation has developed into The Bothwell Community Scarecrow Festival.

The first festival took place in September 2011 and was a resounding success. The community of Bothwell embraced the concept wholeheartedly; making and displaying more than 300 wonderfully creative scarecrows in the run up to the festival; as well as showing a real enthusiasm for all the concerts, events, and exhibitions that were organised. Surplus funds from the are donated to local charities and community groups as well as Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity to help them continue the phenomenal work they do.

The festival was widely acclaimed as the most successful community event ever seen in Bothwell. Here, you can read people’s comments and view photographs of the year’s festival.

By popular demand the festival was repeated in 2012, and its continued success means it is now an established yearly event. Surplus funds continue to be donated to Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity.

For further information on the organisation, please feel free to email us.

This Year

By popular demand this much talked-about and eagerly anticipated festival is being repeated this year, from Sunday 27th August to Sunday 17 September 2023 marking our 11th festival, with the surplus funds will once again be donated to local charities and community groups as well as Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity. We very much look forward to seeing you there.